j a c q u e l i n e t r u o n g | art portfolio


i'm jacqueline, and this is my art portfolio.

(pst! i'm new to webdev so this site is still wonky...)

let's get started.

as we keep scrolling down, we'll see my most recent work
from the past 3 years.

i'm going to walk you through my design portfolio,
but feel free to browse at your own pace by using the menu at the top right.

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6 years of experience

for my friend Gorden. inspired by Weathering With You and Your Name. my mom dreams of living here. bittersweet. two lovers who can't be together.
me experimenting with a new artstyle. i made this for an old friend of mine. we referred to each other as space partner. i'm not too experienced in drawing bodies, so i tried to practice by drawing Ahri from League of Legends.
1 hour art challenge at 2AM. yep. imagine finding a pond like this in the forest... i wish this were real.
look at the bunnies! my character, Cobalt, discovering climate. the robot of darkness, Tenebris, discovering the beauty of nature.



6 years of (on and off) experience

combined DC Aquaman and Marvel Thor into... well, Aquathor. my highschool's 2019-2020 arts council apparel design. by me.
my best friend's brand packaging, in style Chocolate. my highschool's 2019-2020 dance team apparel design.
my best friend's brand packaging, in style Butter my highschool's 2018-2019 reach team apparel design.



combination of Photoshop and Illustrator

drew an abstract design on PS, text on AI.
background on PS, text on AI.
fruits on PS, rest on AI.



  • i like making surrealistic landscapes
  • i have experience making logos and posters/graphics
  • i make things pretty!


if you've made it this far, thank you!